• TM Group International Corp. was founded in 2018, in Los Angeles, CA, by Oliver Toshevski, Vassil Mollov and Antonia Toshevska, as a company created to execute marketing, sales and distribution of the products “know–how Get in Shape” to US territory.
  • The Austrian company Good Solutions and Logistics GmbH is our head office in the heart of Europe, providing from this stage fast access of our products to all European countries.  The “Get in Shape” products are presented at some of the biggest Organic Fairs in Austria and Europe.
  • The company was first created in Bulgaria, in 1998. It has an inspirational story, is internationally represented, visionary and with a mission, with over 20 years of experience in the fields of sports, fitness, health nutrition; work with people of all ages and nationalities; production of organic food; exhibitions at international Fairs; management of Organic, Health Stores, Health Restaurant, Health Bar; trainings, teachings; participation and organization of seminars, workshops, events, educational and training programs for adolescents on the topics of optimal nutrition, healthy eating and healthy living; participation of international programs; working with international Partners from Europe, South America and Asia in the domain of production, trade, sales, representation of health, sports nutrition and equipment. This is part of our background from which we learned so much, part of our rich experience in a stable direction, in our mission to make a contribution  for more people to live healthy, to Get in Shape and thus to have a high quality of life. We know how! We would like to share it with others and to bring the “know-how to Get in Shape” products accessible to all people.


  • Our Organic, healthy food production was inspired by the enormous demand and the need for fast, accessible, healthy and delicious, balanced whole foods requested from the numerous customers and followers at our health centers owned and managed by the same founders since 1998. This is how the Production unit was created. There is no more suitable name other than: Get in Shape!  Our direction fits perfectly to the world’s tendencies in modern-day society: Eat on the run! But simultaneously people are also looking for high quality, healthy, natural nutrition. Get in shape is supporting you to combine modern day consumption habits with old fashioned homemade goodness, while getting you in good shape. Our products are dedicated to people of all ages, sex and race.




  • All of our products are Best quality. They are pure, Organic certified and free of palm fat, hydrogenated oils, colorants and  preservatives, with no artificial additives. We only choose the highest quality organic raw, whole materials to produce a real  precious food – a great source of healthy energy. All ingredients that we have integrated into our products have been known for centuries to the human race around the globe as an inestimable source of health and valuable energy from nature.
  • The production is certified according to the highest quality standards in the industry. Our products comply with the European organic foods regulations and possess certificates recognizable in Europe – EU certified organic food and in the USA – USDA Organic.

  • Raw
  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free
  • No sugar added
  • 100 % Organic
  • High Protein
  • Whole food
  • 25% Plant Protein
  • Non-GMO
  • Soy Free
  • Dairy Free



  • We believe that to be in a good shape, in any sense, is a very basic and important condition of well-being. Excellent state of body, mind and emotions! Our whole life depends on what shape we are in. Our health, our success, our self-confidence, our regard to everything and the reply of the world to it, our positive energy …! Getting in and staying in a good shape is not only about adding a few days training into the schedule but it is also about choosing to live healthy, to eat healthy, to think and to behave healthy. It is not just an act, it’s a habit. We need to go and work for this, to get out of the wrong models, and to stick with the beneficial ones, to make good choices, to live now, but minding that the tomorrow’s now depends on today! We believe that one should always look for the best, we get what we are looking for!